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June 21, 2013 / Adam Knott

Best Source Material for the Study of Praxeology

1. Human Action, 3rd revised edition, Mises.  Pages 1-250.  This is the most full and comprehensive presentation of Mises’s conception of praxeology.

2. Epistemological Problems of Economics, Mises.  Contains indispensable insights about the formal approach to social phenomena.

3. The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, Mises.  Mises’s final statement about the nature of praxeology and economics.

4. Money, Method, and the Market Process, Mises.  (Introduction and section on Method)

5. The Free Market and its Enemies, Mises. (Chapter: Acting Man and Economics)  A succinct summary of Mises’s theoretical vision.

6. Theory and History, Mises.  (Important insights concerning means and ends.  Other important insights interspersed throughout)

7. Investigations into the Method of the Social Sciences, Menger. (Especially Book 1, chapters 1-5)  Menger presents his vision of exact science.

8. Individualism and Economic Order, Hayek. (Two essays: “Economics and Knowledge” and “The Facts of the Social Sciences”)  Indispensable insights into the nature of analytical social science.

9. The Economic Point of View, Kirzner. (Chapter: Economics as a Science of Human Action)  Indispensable insights into the nature of praxeology.

10. Minds, Brains and Science, Searle. A short classic on the nature of human action.  A must read.

11. The Philosophy of Physical Science, Eddington.  An important book on subjectivism.

12. An Essay on the Nature & Significance of Economic Science, Robbins.  Important insights about formal social science.

13. Introduction to the Theory of Interpersonal Action, Knott. A theoretical proposal for expanding praxeology into the interpersonal realm of human action. See also: Hayek and Praxeology (2013), Some Thoughts on Praxeology, Thymology, and the A Priori (2014), Why Are We Libertarians? (2014).

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